Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mirach Energy - A Breakout Move

Today Mirach ran. Early in the morning when the price was 0.146, I posted in the SMMG club that the stock was not bad. Just within minutes, the stock broke out further to a high of 0.153 before suffering some reactions now. The students witnessed LIVE calls at it's best. More to come.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

STI - Suffered Reactions!

Posted an market outlook call in the SMMG Club for this morning that STI would suffer reactions at around 815-830am. Market opened, with immediate effect, STI gap down and suffered immediate reactions. The blue chips will start having sell down first. This is how you do speculation with precision timing. Why not yesterday down? Why after the day before down and yesterday is up? To do perfect timing, one needs to understand market psychology and not technicals. :)

Update 23/4/2014, 10:50pm

STI continued to spiral down!!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Precision Timing By Ronald K

After the big sellout crowd yesterday afternoon where I shared and displayed LIVE on how $3500 was made in Albedo, I had to rush off for another seminar to share and educate a different crowd on Fake Breakouts and Hidden Selling vs Selling.

In that seminar last night with a small group of people, I also shared many wonderful trades with trade records like the recent Charisma Energy trendsetter, Rowsley, Cacola, Metech, Artivision and many more!

Soon, I will start having revision classes to improve and train one's guts and knowledge. The revision classes will definitely be one of it's kind because of it's rarity. Why rare? I will keep it a suspense now until everything is finalized. I had found a perfect and cozy location for training and please don't miss it when I made my announcement on my blog. To train trading skills and knowledge is simple, but to train guts, it's a whole new league where not everyone has the appetite to try out. If you are game for it, please email me at

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Albedo - Contra 1 Pip with $3500

At the peak of my career, this is the amount of crowd I got. I apologize but the response was simply too overwhelming. While I made a mistake on my Ley Choon post yesterday, does it matter? The response I got from the crowd was no, everybody make mistakes. Most important is winning rather than focusing on mistakes. So today, I am confident that I won't repeat a typo mistake again. A client of mine just made $3500 in Albedo today within 1 day of Contra!!! The guts and confidence to go into Albedo is something I got to respect and admire. He's a normal salary employee just like everyone else!

Although it's 1 pip but that's what the market gave as there were no 2 pips or 3 pips for yesterday and today. Congratulations Mr V. Everyone here today in this seminar witnessed REAL trading account when he logon and display his ultra amazing trade. More to come very soon. Thank you all for making this happen. It's hard to imagine at 2pm, you guys really took leave and just came for my seminar. I am blessed and deeply appreciated!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Rowsley - Lost Commission on 400 Lots

Went long on 400 lots of Rowsley on April 10th and today I was finally out at the same price I bought at 0.29. If I need to sum up my actions, I commit a mistake of chasing and paid the price of suffering reactions. Today Rowsley gap up, I don't know what's the news etc, but all I knew was from psychological point of view, it's time to either take a small profits or cut loss and run first. I sold my shares at 9:17am, 17 minutes after the market started and now it's down to 0.285/0.29. There were simply too much excitement and cheers which I don't favor and I am not going to risk and gamble that the stock would trend higher and so I decided to sell first so that I only lose commission.

I still remember CNA when it was 0.255 to 0.275 last year, it was the same, everyone bought on excitement and today the price was 0.069/0.07. Luckily at that time I gave a buy and sell call to book $$, all my students were delighted. No one suffers that day. Will this repeat in Rowsley? You decide.

Apparently, my student was better than me! Got in at 0.28 and sold at the peak at 0.29!! Congrats!!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Stock Operation Course May - Sold Out

I was at the event yesterday for the SMS account opening. The SMS that you see on my blog is handled by my PAs and they are the ones working all the magic with me. We are going to continue to work even harder and serve more people to achieve what they want.

On another note, my Stock Operation Course for May is sold out. It was simply overwhelming and I had to arrange for the next course in June. I wanted to take a good break in June but unfortunately, I got a series of work to do. If you are interested in the Stock Operation Course, do contact me at with your name and mobile number. For those who sign up in June, you don't have to wait till June to learn, I will conduct a series of events so we all can have advance learning in place.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Ley Choon - Made a Mistake

This morning post on Ley Choon was a mistake. I just realized it was NOT a contra trade within 15 minutes. I apologize.

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MapleTree GCC - Booking $$

Ever since I posted my bullishness on Mapletree GCC at March 17-18 last month, this counter has been really been slow but steady on it's way up!

Today, I believe it's wise to book some profits. It looks as though short term wise there would be some reactions.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Ley Choon - Contra Profits in 15 Minutes

Students just made $$ in Ley Choon. Although not at the peak due to his personal patience, but it's definitely good $$ considered the job was done within 15-20 mintues! Where to find $400+ in 15 minutes? Good job!!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Stagnant

After 1.5 hours watching the market, everything seemed stagnant, could be a boring day. Who knows some fireworks may happen at the 2nd half?

In my seminar, previews and courses, I talked and shared about Hidden Selling vs Selling. The most powerful maneuver used by the BBs to sell at the peak is hidden selling and when you finally see the obvious selling took place, that's too late! So which one is more powerful? You decide. :) My schedule is tight this week starting today until the weekend. A series of events, seminars, courses, previews are all in place to assist public and students to improve their trading skills.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator