Saturday, August 8, 2020

Warren Buffet - Stock Buyback with $5.1B

So finally the news is out. Warren Buffet started to bought back it's own company shares in Q1 with $5.1B down and hence the stock had a great decent run in the last 2 weeks. I had been practicing what I wrote in the manual to start my own buying and indeed, what I wrote in Chapter 9 of the manual came true, Berkshire Hathaway indeed had some insiders buying when I first spot the signal right at the bottom on May 14, 2020. It was obscure in the Top 20 Volume and Berkshire wasn't flashing there. It was actually hidden in the background where prices were moving crazily strong in the past 2 weeks. However, when I first detected this powerful yet strong signal on May 14, I saw a flush followed by some sneaky selling with prompted me to enter this trade with millions of $$ as shown on my trade record.

Today the stock released that it bought it's own shares back which proved and solidify my strong analysis with my own $$ down in Berkshire to prove my conviction and confidence in this stock when I saw the signal. I cherished my manual and I used it to trade and make millions. I am firm on what I saw but more importantly, I can see the insiders buying before the real run up in prices actually materialized. What we see now is high prices that shot past $208, but what we don't see was how did I buy at the bottom at $170 back on May 14. So in fact, the chart can read and foresee the future if you know how to time the market properly with precision. To see insiders buying BEFORE it happened is easy but to see it LIVE and execute LIVE, you need to be firm and have strong belief in your chart reading skills.

pic source: CNBC, Marketwatch

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Asian Healthcare - Explosive 1 Day Return with 30% Gained

A superb impressive run in Asian Healthcare today as the company made an announcement that they will be working with Heliconia to pursue healthcare investments in South-east Asia. This was a great piece of news which drove the stock very high. In fact, I posted my observation on this stock when it poped out from the Top 30 Volume on July 23 where I noticed some big players were inside the stock. Click below to read my analayis.

The news came out one day before the stock popped out which could spell something big was coming.

So, after my analysis on July 23, the stock went into some ranging mode with no pt and soon today, the stock just jerked up and shot up high. Within a few days of ws, Asian Healthcare continue to be in some re accumulation mode as shown on the attached which soon turned into the breakout mode. What you see now is the result of my analysis effort on July 23 when I first saw the stock flashing in the Top 30 Volume. I mean talk is cheap, but you know I have people who produced results after reading my blog analysis and combined with the manual, the profits and % gained was absolutely astounding. Want to know how I spot those signals before the breakout? Email me.

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Trading Malaysia Stocks - Profits Escalation with 91% Gained

It's another great win in the Malaysia market for my student. In terms of vibrancy, the Malaysia market, Hong Kong and US markets are way more exciting with fireworks activities as compared to our local market. Hence, the profits made can be fast while stock selections is not the main priority. Been getting messages from my Malaysia students where their profits escalated big time with so much % gain as you can see from the screenshot. The market is hot, the Top 30 Volume stocks are moving quick with so much big players, however the key is still execution and swinging at the right direction. Congrats to all your wins!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Ron K: Have You Profited in the US Stock Market?

Had a good day in the cafe with some of my traders where I shared plenty of my recent trades and how to be a great trader. In trading, the most important aspect is always to make sure the risk and reward is worth the time to take a trade and also the stocks that you selected can maximized your efforts for greater results. The market had been very bullish lately and I had been capitalizing the opportunities to make $$. Even with so much coronavirus cases, the market still trended higher where stocks are shooting past new highs and way above market sentiments.

I had got many trade records from my broker where I made superb profits within a short period of time because of my timing of the market and also the opportunities it presented. The Dow is going to shoot higher and my profits is going to escalate while some of my traders are also swinging some great stocks for larger $$. Attached are some of the trades did myself where I went in millions of $ since the signal was so clear and concise. Have you profited from the US market? Did you traded te right stocks and rode the way up? I had been telling many since March during the crisis that the market is bullish and it's time to buy stocks where everyone told me I am crazy to buy when prices are falling down. See the aftermath now and see my profits, you will know that I timed my entry correctly so that profits are great. Email me at if you would like to profit with me.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Ron K: One Stock Where Simon Just Made $8300 in 30 Minutes in a Mastermind Trading Session

I finished a Mastermind Trading Session and managed to grab hold of Simon to come for a small talk with me. He shared what he learnt and traded that night on how he achieved $8300 profits in 30 minutes. Seeing is believing and I decided to get Simon to share his experience because that night was special with so many of them making great $$. I didn't expect him to make so much profits in such a short period of time but because the stock flew 15% in 30 minutes, and hence his profits escalated fast.

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Monday, August 3, 2020

Medtecs Intl - Rise Above Others

Medtecs Intl shot above $1.00 today. It's the strongest stock with rising price in the Top 30 Volume flashing. While the whole STI was down, this stock just kept climbing higher and higher with so much strength. The 5 minute chart has absorption strength while in the daily chart, there was a pt and follow now a distribution. I remembered spotting the bottom for this stock when it was 0.56. It's already up 50 cents in 1.5 weeks which was extremely good profits if you followed my blog post. Congrats to all who bought and made it!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Trading Malaysia Stocks - Profited $22,000, Lost $3700

Great great profits from a Malaysia student whom traded this stock dubbed Comfort where he made $22,000 while losing $3700 in some other stocks. It's a stock which I saw the chart and correlate back to what I taught, it just gel together where the signals were very strong and the buyers were there very strong. I am pleased to see my students profits escalated greatly because it's a swing trade while he kept losses small and tight. Looking forward to the next trade.

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Ron K: How to Finish a Clean Job with 2 Steps Process

Finishing a clean job is extremely important because you don’t want to leave any bits and pieces of traces of the job still unfinished, lingering in the background with losses. For myself personally, I always take a 2 steps approach where the first wave is to always buy and then sell for the short term while the 2nd wave is to buy at higher price than the first one and then selling at an even higher price for bigger $. I believe this is the correct way for trading because it gives you confidence and conviction to go for greater heights in your personal development.

Many of you can take trades, some makes wins, some losses while some half done, but it takes conviction and confidence to make sure the job is fully done with profits. It's something I had been practicing for years and I am still learning everyday to discover myself and my trades. Look for growth stocks when your capital is small and look for valuable stocks if you have big capital. That's the key where everyone can achieve high level of proficiency in trading/investment. Watch the FULL video.

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Friday, July 31, 2020

Ron K: July 31st, My Conviction and Another Big Trade Accomplished

They say a good watch makes a man and after copious amount of trades, I am proud to say that it's very true and I would want to continue to wear my 2 tone 1675 whenever I trade because it brings me luck and also some unexplained confidence when I gun the market. I got my confidence from reading the manual I wrote many years ago by practicing and using it to execute the market at critical turning points. Combined the watch and the manual together when I trade, I just have that pin point conviction which I can't explain. So far so good as the watch and manual brought me extreme and bountiful profits which $$ can't buy.

I was in a cafe yesterday working on scanning stocks and shared that I will be doing another trade soon. Indeed, the time came sooner than ever which was last evening where I traded another million $ down when the Dow Jones started to rebound. Sometimes I set a goal, share in my social media and hold myself accountable so that I keep a promise to myself and all out to perform with no excuses. It seemed as though I am so used to trading millions now and my next target should be something out of my comfort level. I want to suffocate and suffer so that I experience explosive growth where the sky is the limit. Can't wait for the market to open. 🤩😍

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Singapore Straits Times Index - Big Funds Selling

The STI broke down today. It looked like big funds are selling because of some bad news at the moment. I am not really sure what's the news is but from the chart, you can see that the market broke down from the floor because the wall cannot be broken. The Singapore market is getting from bad to worse as the lacked of quality investments and the exodus of big players has caused the lackluster of major players here in the country. Today's breakdown double assured that it's one of the weakest asia market as compared to Hong Kong. It was fearful selling earlier and will I trade or invest in Singapore stocks now? Yes, but very selective counters only because nothing really looks exciting even though those small penny stocks and those medical stocks performed which normally got queried for their trading activities.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist