Thursday, July 24, 2014

1 on 1 on DAX Trading - Happy Clients

Finished a 1 on 1 coaching with another client earlier in the noon and yet another profit making day! We spotted the top while I was explaining how to spot top and bottoms with precision timing to go short. In the end, I managed to secure close to about $700 during this 1 on 1 session before I called it a day. Just shorted Dow earlier for a 1 min 30 second job for like another $741! Today, I made close to $5000 with my Hang Seng, Noble, DAX and Dow trade. My job is done for tonight. :)

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Artivision - 4th Day Selling

Artivision is experiencing 4th day of selling as of now. 4th day in a row Artivison lacks of buyers where sellers are not giving in. Continue to watch this counter.

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Hang Seng - Students Got The Job Done

Student got the job done with my outlook. Looking forward for the next trade later. Can't wait! I am signing out now. Thanks for everything!

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Hang Seng - $3400+ In A Volatile Market

Hang Seng is the King of all Indices, it;s like driving a Lamborghini compared to another other super cars. It's so fast and furious that one wrong move will deplete your funds entirely. Earlier on I traded this beast and I was quick minded with fast fingers. Shorted in the morning and made quick short covering at the hidden buying zone as circled. Thereafter, I saw a big huge spike and decided to go for another short sell for some fast bucks. In like 4 minutes, I made another $1700+ which called it my day in Hang Seng. Total score card was $3400+, not bad for a start. Combined with Noble, I made almost $3900 after commission. :)

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Noble Group - $500 Within 3 Minutes!

Early in the morning at 8:59am, Noble was not in the Top Volume as you can see. However I already made $1500 in Noble yesterday.

At 9am when market started, Noble was like a steroid giving life to the athlete. It galloped all the way from the back within seconds and appeared straight at the Top Volume. I was mesmerized with such kind of activity and so I need to be fast on executing this long trade. At 9:01am, I went long 100 lots at 1.43, not the best price but because it was too fast, there is no way I can be faster than 9:01. Still I got the job done instead of wishy washy and waiting for the papaya to drop from the sky.

Within the next 3 minutes, Noble shot up to 1.44 and by using CFD, I can only sell at 1.435. I knew I did not get at the good price so I decided to sell first then maybe decide later. From 9:01am to 9:04am, in 3 minutes, I made $500 bucks which is I think good for scalping Singapore stocks considered Noble ran so fast today. I am happy not because I made $$ but I have fast quick mind and fast fingers. I am also happy for all my students who took actions with me!!

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LIVE Trading Last Night With Students - $690 Within Minutes

What a turned out yesterday, listening to my story and LIVE Trading with Ronald K. I am once again flabbergasted and excited to give LIVE calls and when I lost my internet connection, a student got the job done and made $690 bucks while standing and listening to my seminar. I am looking forward towards this Friday's LIVE Trading and I can't wait to showcase the supremacy of indices trading without price and indicators, just time. Thanks to those who registered!!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Artivison - 3rd Straight Selling Day

Artivision suffered the 3rd straight day of selling ever since I posted on my blog LIVE on Monday July 21st at 9:01am that it's a good day to unload. Ever since, the selling was stronger and getting stronger by each day where it reached a day low of 0.124 today from 0.134 on July 21st. Where will be the turning point for a short rebound? Stay tune to stockmarketmindgames

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Hang Sang - A Fast $891

Just finished another Hang Seng trade and this time round reaped another $891 bucks. Missed the whole rally in the morning, no complains, no whines, keep moving and find the right time and right moment for a fast quick short to make up for my missed long trade in HSI earlier.

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Sunvic - SMMG Club, Fast Quick Punt

After making $$ in Noble and HSI, not forgetting my students, I went on to scout and scan for stocks for them. Finally, I found Sunvic and posted in the SMMG Club for all students to take a look. The price was 0.50 / 0.505 when I posted and within 3 minutes I believed the stock rocketed to 0.52 where fast $$ was made. I am really happy the students was happy with my call and the service I provide after the Stock Operation Course is unparalleled. If you are interested in the Stock Operation Course with the SMMG Club, do contact me at

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Noble - A Small Consolidation, $1500

Yesterday I posted in the SMMG Club for the bullishness on Noble. Although the stock was not ready when the time I posted, but well, I still managed to get the job done as I don't mind taking 1 pip higher and book profits when the time is ready. Today Noble breakout one day after my post, the high was 1.42 but because I was replying emails and working on some details for my meeting later, I only managed to secure my profits at 1.41. Really wasted or I could have made more, but well, no complains and I shall move on as this trade was done within Contra with good gains. With my Noble trade and my HSI trade today, I had made almost $2000+. I am contended and shall not take anything for granted. Can't wait to share my secrets of success this coming Friday. :)

Student made $$ with me on noble!! I am happy for his success. He said:" Trust is $ that can't buy. The day when I came for the Preview, I know what I want. After course I tell myself that everyday I try to take $ from SGX. Amount big small nevermind. It's the process n confidence gained. Rome wasn't built overnight" I am really happy hearing

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