Stock Operation Course Outline

Day 1

  • Understanding Supply and Demand And the Driving Force Behind The Stock Market
  • Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis vs Mind Analysis
  • How The Market Is Rigged And How to Profit From It
  • The Secrets To Mind Reading
  • The Inner Workings Of How the BBs Accumulate, Markup, Distribute and Markdown
  • Timing A Stock Sales As Close To The BBs
  • Learn How To Take Profits, Protecting Capital, Cutting Losses
  • How To Identify Growth Stocks in 2 Minutes

Day 2

  • Understanding How A Stock Exude From Strength To Weakness and Vice Versa
  • Understanding The Profit Taking And Short Selling Process
  • Identify Hidden Buying / Hidden Selling
  • What Causes Excitement And Panic
  • The Art Of Contra Trading
  • The Holy Grail In RollOver
  • Trading Indices, Futures, Commodities, Forex
  • How to Develop Guts and Confidence to Win Big
  • Money Management Rules
  • Individual Chart Studies - Case Studies
  • Questions and Answers