Monday, October 10, 2011

KepCorp - My Operation With KepCorp

Am I correct again or what? This morning I foresee a dull market and I said I am looking to only short.
True enough, the market opened and tanked all the way down and thereafter it became dull, up and down, whipsawing! Today, I was supposed to make at least 10 cents in my operation for Kepcorp, but I gave everything back to the market when it turns. I should have trust that the turn was true. Too bad, my cognitive dissonance got the best of me and I cut loss. I knew the market was going to come down in the afternoon, I trusted my analysis and went in to short again, true enough, it came down and there after I was trading like a mad dog, in and out until I said enough, I am out of this dull market. The lesson here is always trust your instinct and never allow your mind to control your actions.

I will be sharing a strategy during my gumption seminar on how to punt this market so that even though the market whipsawed, my profits will be secured. I just learned a lesson today and thought about it! Those who registered you will definitely benefit from it!

Ronald K