Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yanlord - The Longwaited Breakout !

I received a lot of negative feedback about me saying that Yanlord is my favorite stock that I am stucked with or I am influencing others to buy Yanlord with me. Well, I shall take those feedback as positive comments to improve myself better and I will never argue with anyone because no one knows how I punt or view this market except a few of you. Also, I don't owe anyone anything as I don't charge a fee or collect funds from public. The purpose of this blog is not to induce any buy/sell activity but strictly for educational purposes. If you don't like what you see, please refrain yourself from visiting my blog.

On Sep 30th, a student of mine SMSed me and asked me if it is time to buy Yanlord and I told him someone was secretly buying this stock and put that in his watchlist. Yanlord is due for a rebound soon and i told him the time is next week, which was this week of course. (You can read the whole conversation on the picture attached) This morning, I SMSed Robin at 8.42am, my teacher, a person whom I respected a lot because of the way he trades and the life catastrophe he had been through. I specifically asked him to watch Yanlord because I knew it is ready to breakout today. I believe he saw himself and profited from it.

Now the question is, after for almost a week, how do I know Yanlord is ready to breakout today? I believe a lot of people are very interested. Those interested parties, you can email me.

Ronald K