Wednesday, December 21, 2011

STI - K Turn

On Dec 19th 2011, I tested the market with real money to see if the downside would continue or if a technical rebound shall commence. I chatted on FB with one of my fans and gave him my plan for this week where I think a rally would start. On Dec 20th 2011, I made my post so that everybody shall witness what would happen this week.

To those who said that I am "Mr after event talker", if you would take the time to read the chats, that would help and reward you even you longed yesterday, because today you shall reap the profits and you are alert of this week's plan. I took my Dec 19th noble profits yesterday and longed back on this stock because I saw more bullishness in this stock and a K Turn in STI has just been spotted yesterday and NOT Dec 19th! I am currently out of all my positions in other stocks and only in noble. See my noble entry price and you shall know.

While I use my own money to find out the directions of the market, the amount of concentration and preparation work is something that no one had witnessed it. Personally, I think I had done a fair bit of posting my views using my own money to find out directions and sharing it with others. This is something that the public benefited from me and I don't collect or earn a single cent of out anyone. I would rather spent time testing the market, buy more experience and do constructive things than to waste it on unnecessary stuff. I can continue to receive the hatred comments but it just continue to prove that my blog rocks or people won't be visiting.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator