Thursday, April 26, 2018

Venture - A Technical Rebound

A Technical Rebound just happened LIVE now on Venture as the stock just continued it's up rise after lunch. It went past $22 which was almost $2.00 from the bottom at $20.00 when I posted on the blog at 9:31am. Before lunch, it took a small simmer with some retailers looking in some small profits but more smart money came in to buy up the shares and the stock moved another $1.00 since then.

I received many emails asking me how did I know exactly where the bottom was when it was at $20.00 at 9:31am after 5 days of fierce intense selling. The answer was simple. As long as I see panic selling and retailers throwing, I knew the turning point is about to come and the moment some smart money start collecting and hop on the bandwagon, that's naturally a signal to go long. I will share more during my event next Friday when I give tips and tricks on smart money.

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