Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dyna-Mac - Resistance Broken

I remembered last night I was just sharing with a crowd on Dyna-Mac about it's no resistance, how I would enter and exit and watch and time my entry again. Today the stock penetrated the previous "resistance" level with public participating in it. I am not chasing on this counter, instead look to take profits off the table.

Update 10.30AM, August 29th, 2012  

WATCH OUT !! Someone just sold down huge on Dyna-Mac like what I said this morning. No chasing, look to book profits!

Update 10.44AM, August 29th, 2012   

Oh boy, Dyna-Mac is now 0.52/0.525! Watch your long positions if any. Don't let profits turned to losses.

Update 17.27PM, August 29th, 2012 

Dyna-Mac went to a day low of 0.515/0.52. I shall see how it performs from here on.

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