Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Genting SP - The 2nd Wave Large Hands Transactions

As I was watching Genting closely and made a public outlook that Genting has weak selling, I was also reading the buy/sell Q to get clues on the timing. At 4.32pm, indeed the weak and anemic selling turned into strong and vigorous rampant buy up as shown in the time and sales with the volume recorded. However before 4.32pm and the madness in buying, the bullish outlook was already posted on my blog at 11:05am in the morning!


I loaded an extra 400 lots @ 1.135 after securing my first batch of profits in the morning with $2000 to prove my conviction was correct. I don't mind taking at higher prices as long as it's moving along the upward direction. The enigmatic yet elusive buy/sell Q mystery in Genting was easily readable and predictable before any large buy up. So before anything is recorded in the time and sales, one must act first to gain an edge against other traders and so far the buy/sell Q did not fail me. :


Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator