Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Genting Sp - $2000 in 24 mins with Buy/Sell Q Flipped

Genting SP is rising now. With the Dow dropped 107 points, it's definitely not a day one would look to long. However with Mind Analysis and after studying the Top Volume counters for a few minutes after market opened, I gave a bullish Genting call to all SMMG members in the SMMG Club that it may rise because of the buy/sell Q flipped. The buy/sell Q is the most powerful technique I ever discovered because it's faster than any transactional volume done in the exchange. Before the time and sales records the volume done, the buy/sell Q already has the answer that it's going to move and to showcase what I meant, I lead by example. I entered Genting at 1.11/1.115 on 9:04am earlier right at the bottom before it jumped to 1.115/1.12. So I booked $2000 in 24 minutes? Not bad for a day!

Supply / Demand still plays a huge factor in determining the uprise and downfall of a stock. In the case of Genting as compared to my earlier post in Noble, there was weak supply which caused Genting price to jump! I am definitely not a swing trader but more of a scalper like a sniper waiting for shot right on the red dot. As long as everyday I can select good stocks to punt and the stocks act accordingly to what I predicted, my job is done. Congrats to all members in the SMMG Club if you went long. :) The price is now 1.135/1.14!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator