Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mewah - The Art Of Timing

Yesterday, I was actively watching Mewah and Raffles. I knew Raffles was going to breakout first yesterday and so I took a small punt and was out. I am left with my biggest punt in Mewah. After Raffles, I knew Mewah was next. So without hesitation, I took a big punt on it. Of course before that, I tested Mewah on its readiness to move and in the process, I lost a few thousand on it. After losing that few thousands, I finally got it. I smsed Jack and told him Mewah will run today for sure and thereafter I whacked another 200 lots in my cash account to prove my conviction. Today when Mewah opened in the morning, it was not moving. I wasn't surprise because I knew before the end of today, it will rally for sure. I am very confident.

To prove my confidence, I called Oldman and told him my plan. I told him it will rally in the afternoon. You can see from the sms that he thanked me for my prediction. Now punting Mewah was a really test of patience, however, there wasn't any emotion involved. Just whack, be patient and it shall go. Today I am rewarded with a huge sum. I am not here to boast how great am I or how much money I made but to stress to importance in timing. One can get all the levels right but with the wrong timing, everything can go wrong.

For those interested parties, if you are interested to know why Mewah ran today, email me and I shall share.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator