Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GMG - The Art of Manipulation

While I knew a lot of public was watching GMG and looking after to chase this stock, I for one knew what would be the final destination for GMG. I would say I knew that like weeks back and I had been telling my close friends about it, of course that includes Jack, YH, kwek and Jason. Today when the market opened in the morning, a lot of public dare not chase and when price ran up further, most were chasing so when it reached 0.155 and stop moving, most public were disappointed and I saw some were cut losses.

Like yesterday when I spotted it's readiness to move, I knew how it would end and the mind games the BBs was playing. Today once again I alerted jack to watch out for distribution level at 0.155 and like yesterday, god answered my prayers. The stock indeed paused at 0.155 and stopped moving again. I got to give my hats off to Jack because of his patience and gumption for sticking to the game plan. Whatever it is, I am not chasing GMG anymore and for whether the game was over? I am staying neutral and switching to other stocks unless the BBs is ready to elevate this stock higher.

The question is, how I know 0.155 is the final destination price for today? Interested parties can email me.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator