Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Profits All Secured

I am out of all my Mewah and Oceanus. I seriously don't care how high it trends later because at least I can now do my personal work in peace. While a lot of flamers continue to flame at me, I am loving every single bit of it because it tells me they are loving my blog or they won't be visiting everyday. I had wrote scripts from the very first day when I started my blog. These scripts allows me to track who has visited my blog and some of their personal information. So do I know who is anonymous? Oh yes, I do. I won't expose him because I don't want to embarrass him, I shall let him do his childish act and if I ever see him on my seminar again, he shall look very silly. For all of you who are reading my blog, never believe in any anonymous comments or comments from anyone else unless me myself posted it personally. It's very strange because all anonymous can do is to say I am out at 0.102 but he dares not put up his name or email address. So to my dear fans, never listen to anyone but yourself.

Now, I saw a lot of people having targeted price here and there. That's to me fatal because if one have a targeted price and levels, its fixed and rigid. What if it doesn't reach the level as targeted? Then it's hard for one to react when market conditions changed. Look at my Mewah trade, I was in at 0.66 which was pretty high, still I managed to get out at the day high today because seriously, I don't have any targeted price but only watching for turns. I think in this way, it allows me to be flexible and not stagnant. Oceanus might trend higher later and I might be in again later, but who cares, money is already in my pocket. It's safe for now.

Good luck trading all.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator