Wednesday, February 1, 2012

STI - Pennies Breakout!

Well, I can only say the market is answering to all my prayers. When I say pennies is ready, it means it is ready, no blue chips. Moreover I made this pennies call like way before it broke out today. I told my friend about gmg readiness to breakout at 2:16pm today and indeed we saw one. However, what I was more interested is I spotted gmg way before any breakouts happened today. 

Was I faster than most gurus/analysts? I believe so. I think I spotted pennies like even before Jan 27th 2012.

What about GMG? I think I spotted at the bottom on Jan 3, 2012.

Imagine if one would to go carefully go through my blog and look carefully at the pennies I mentioned, like gmg, dyna-mac, etc, he/she shall be handsomely rewarded. Today GMG broke out like a steroid, but so what? This was already spotted way earlier, so when it went higher today, I wasn't surprise at all. It's all a patience game. Although it did not rally when I posted on Jan 3rd and 19th, I for one knew it was going to rocket or I won't be posting in forums. The market only rewards those who has patience and congrats to Jack once again! Your patience really paid off and remember what I told you during Chinese New Year? I need to learn from you!

Now,  today my friend smsed on whether to select chasen or oceanus. I told him to take chasen and he is smiling now. Most traders only want to know which stock will run today and the next few days and not laggards, because time is money and money is opportunity cost. Even though if oceanus run tomorrow, I don't care because I did not waste time and money on selecting the wrong penny stocks today.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator