Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GMG - The Great Activity! What Volume??

On 28th Dec, I posted on my blog to watch out for rallies in penny stocks. http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.com/2011/12/sti-penny-stocks.html I don't know how many people watch it but it's ok as long as I know what is happening in the market during that period of time and made money out of it, then I am happy I made the right call. On Dec 28th morning, a friend of mine SMSed me and asked me some queries and I answered. You can see the attached. More importantly, I said both gallant and GMG were not ready to run that day. Today it ran and I am again in at the bottom. Of course, for those who knows how I trade, I like averaging up. See the attached GMG 1 min chart, there is no volume when I bought. Over the weekend, I talked to Raymond and told him that GMG and Hyflux is going to rally this week and I believe he bought some this morning. Same goes to you Jack, YL, Jason and some others who I feel comfortable talking to on GMG. You guys can verify my words that I gave my calls before any breakout or volume is seen.

The question is how do I know today GMG will run and Hyflux will continue it's charged? Oh by the way, I am out of Hyflux. I don't care how high it goes, but money in pocket for me first. Do I looked at volume where most people are looking at? Volume to some is powerful because some says it tells you BBs are buying/selling. However until now I have not met someone that can tell me when a stock is ready to move at the correct time, maybe besides Robin. At my present stage, the K Mind, K Wave and K Turn to me is far superior than any traditional indicators. I won't condemn price or volume as I respect it's accuracy, but everyone is different. If something works for you all the time and you are able to buy low sell high and sell high buy low, then that method is a good method as it gives you that extra confidence in the way you punt this market. For those who are interested, you can email me. For those who hated and condemn me, I will still tell you as I don't hold grudges. All is welcome to email me.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator