Friday, January 6, 2012

Bank Of America - Bottom Fishing

Many people say buying at the very bottom and the next few days when it rallied, that's luck and vice versa for shorting at the top. During my 1 year+ of blogging, I had managed to prove that everything in this world is possible. My track and trade record is recorded in every part of this blog and ya'll can verify it for yourself as my actions speak louder than words. Even though at times I made a wrong call or I don't fish right at the bottom right like Hyflux, I am still able to make money the very next day because I understand psychology. Not only that, I had managed to break the traditional approach where most traders/investors think that traditional indicators like support and resistance or price or vol is the thing to look out for turning signals, I developed my K Theory strategy one up above those indicators so that it gives me that extra boost, confidence and conviction to trade heavily without any fear or whatsoever.

On Dec 19th 2011, I alerted one of my friend to watch out for Bank of America because I saw BBs causing mental stress to investors/traders by jaw dropping the price, however their intention was to buy heavily so a rally can be conducted. This friend of mine is in the US so I chatted with him during the Asia hours on Dec 19th and I believe he bought BAC at the opening on Dec 20th. From the day I made the call till today, the stock almost went up 1 dollar and he is smiling now because he bought 75 lots of BAC at the bottom. Now, I don't usually monitor US stocks but BAC is my favorite because there was heavy buying activity. The question is how do I know at Dec 19th, the stock was due for rally? For those who are interested, email me and I shall give you the answer.

And finally, to all those who inspired to trade like me, I just want to tell you that everything is possible. Trust yourself and don't let anyone put you down. Like the famous martial arts expert Bruce Lee, he managed to turn the impossible to possible by breaking many barriers in his kung fu journey and that's why until today, he is remembered as the best of the best and a living legend in his league.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator