Friday, December 21, 2012

Informatics - Vanishing Into Thin Air?

In fact on Dec 19th, I already knew Informatics could have a second leg up, however because the timing was not right so I did not post it on my SMMG club. Today is the perfect picturesque to do so because the timing was right, risk was lesser and reward is better. Attached are all my student's trade records for Informatics and Olam. I believed they used the tactics and techniques I taught them in class and that is to understand behavior and activity of stocks than to have fixated target price. Target price is fatal! So far so good, the results had been rewarding.

When everyone is buying happily, they unloaded and secured profits first. The profits secured can then be used to hunt for another stock which have potential.

For those who are interested in the course, I will have previews next year in January. I shall show and teach how not to have target price, understanding activity, and of course the main course and that is to load and unload faster than any public or BBs. Watch out my blog space on the right hand side for the exact dates!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator