Monday, December 10, 2012

Informatics - Washing Powder

Informatics, one of the market's favourite penny stock has beaten down for the past year.
Retailers have been trying to time the low time and time again but end up cutting loss.

On 7th Dec when i was scanning some stocks, Informatics caught my eyes and looking at the daily and 5 mins chart i believed that Informatics might have reached its bottom for this round. 
I posted on my blog that Informatics would be turning around and true enough today Informatics turned up to a high of 0.085 cents.

Timing is one of the key skills to trading. Even though a counter might be moving up we always want to time it such that we suffer the least reaction before the stock move.
How did i manage to spot the low and not suffer reactions?  
i will be sharing something interesting on how i view the market just by looking at the chart without having to see any complicated indicators or lines. All will benefit in the preview.

A public just made some money off from my blog by punting Informatics.

Update, 10/12/12, 5:13pm

Informatics had a super breakout to a high of 0.094 from 0.081. That a whopping 14%!!! Now, anyone can pick stocks, but to pick stocks like Informatics and Capitland which have super breakout requires skill.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator