Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Olam - The Bottom

On Dec 14th around noon time, one of my student bought into Olam. He got it near the day low during the intraday session. On that day, there was a panic selldown and most public would not even be thinking of going long. However with the knowledge and skills I imparted him, he longed Olam. Today he was rewarded. While everyone was discussing about Olam's right's issue, I am only interested if the stock is moving up/down. There is no point fearing and watching the market and not taking any position. It's like watching, wanting, hoping and in the end fearing of losing. The market only reward the early birds, the front liners and the bold, not laggards nor the man with an inferior emotional imbalance.

Today since it is my last preview for the year, I shall do something special. I look forward to meet ya'll later and as usual, your time won't be wasted with me. To know when a stock bottom out/ top out is a skill and knowledge to have because it gives you an extra trading edge against all odds. When everyone is fear and panic, we buy so as to capitalize on the opportunity and unload when everyone is excited and in hysteria buying frenzy mode. Like I said, if my student can achieve what I always see in stocks, so can you. There is nothing difficult, but the most difficult thing is your own emotion.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator