Friday, January 25, 2013

Rowsley - My Affinity With Rowsley

Yesterday I just had a chat with my friend and I told him that today Rowsley was going to shoot. Mr L, you should know since I met you yesterday. Since that was an outlook I gave him yesterday, today obviously I have to act on my call. Of course in the morning when everything was true blue, I was watching and waiting for the perfect moment.

So at 1.34pm, the time was right, I whacked my 100 lots in Rowsley and the rest was history. Before that, I saw some mini flushes performed by the BBs to scare public before deducing it was about time to trend higher. Sometimes patience pays off and sometimes it's best to keep focusing on the activity and do nothing else. Of course, it was just a small punt, but nevertheless a win is a win. Ever since I spotted Informatics and Rowsley in the past, my affinity with Rowsely was very strong. It was almost certain that I could read the move 1 step ahead of most public within the contra period. Where will I unload and will it trend higher? I will continue to watch till that moment appears because I simply have no target price.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator