Monday, January 28, 2013

Rowsley - Thank You

I believed I am penchant towards fast punting game rather than mid to long term trades. Once again, I managed to book profits for my Rowsley trade. Here, I would like to thank the BBs because like I said, I can see all the buying/selling activities in the Rowsley chart way before it happened and it's easily readable if one employs Mind Analysis in his/her arsenal of tools.

As a matter of fact, a student of mine actually posted Rowsley outlook in the SMGM club on 24th Jan 2013 with my endorsement as being a very beautiful chart. I believe some students actually bought into Rowsley too! Great work Mr L! You are almost there with the recent calls you made! So is the SMMG Club privilege? You decide.

While I was trying to unload my Rowsley in the morning, I was patiently waiting for the 0.3/0.305 price to arrive and 4 minutes after market opened, it came! Without hesitation, I performed one of my forte which is fast speed unloading. True enough soon after I unloaded, the price dropped off to 0.29/0.295. Well, the brokerage house that bought my shares is UOB Kayhian which I believe it's what the BBs uses. Was it coincidence or are they absorbing my supply? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter, because I had already amassed my profits and continue watching and timing my entry should there be another turn. :)

This is definitely another epic to the prosaic stock. More to come, stay tune.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator