Thursday, January 31, 2013

Genting - A Student's Call

This morning a student in the SMMG Club made a call on Genting SP 1 min after market opened. I was absolutely amazed by that call because it happened so fast like a swift wind. The stock was in a pipping up mode where prices were being absorbed and grabbed up fast and there wasn't anytime to react. Well, this is the power of Mind Analysis, not TA or FA. For those who attended the preview last night and were interested in the course, this is what you are going to learn. Being able to spot things fast and precise. For those who already signed up, I just want to say thank you and you will be fine under my guidance.

Like I mentioned during all my previews, my course materials are single-handily developed by myself and nothing is copied from the internet or books. I am certain and confident that you can't find any of the information written inside my course materials on the bookshelves or the internet unless you attend my course.

I will never use other people's ideas or materials, improvise and modify then make it like my own because that's simply not the right thing to do and I am a person who believes in integrity and honesty when it comes to business and functioning as a human being. For those who worked with me and all my students will know. What differentiate myself from the rest of the pack is I am the creator and originator of the BBs theories where my trade and track record will speak volume for itself. These days, people copy my marketing ideas, my style, the way I do things, etc which tells me that I am de-factor standard when it comes to marketing and knowledge creation. I believe I am the only speculator who dares to openly post my losses while most are hiding or shy to even post and show. Whatever it is, tomorrow shall be a good day because like I said, it's not a preview or seminar. It's something else. Come and you will know. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator