Friday, September 6, 2013

Noble Group - Contra 300 Lots = Profits $7500 SGD = $10000 For the Week!

I really cherished all my students, the SMMG Club and all the $$ we made!! Long Noble at 0.82 with 300 lots using my cash account on Sep 2nd 2013 and just unloaded at 0.845 with a profit of $7500!!! Although I didn't unload at the day high but it's ok because some of my students did and money in pocket is never wrong! Now, why did I use my cash account instead of CFD? I don't mind paying more commission but am trying a new stunt that would shock the trading world. I will reveal when the time comes.

So in fact yesterday, I alerted all my students that Noble would breakout! What did I see again without charts? This morning when Noble appeared in the Top Volume, the rest was history, the stock finally broke out! And of course, being a responsible person, when I am out of Noble, I alerted all my students in the SMMG Club and some of them SMSed me to thank me. There is this one current student, haven't attended my course and already made 2 rounds worth of profits and he unloaded noble at 0.86!!!!!! Congrats!! So how much did I made this week? 10K in a week? Ain't that good money? Ain't that better than your day job?

Like I mentioned, I am still perfecting the art of making $$ without charts. So far so good, it has been a rewarding week for me and my students and I know this art is almost getting there! Why? Because it was proven that calls were made and profits were secured!

It's a show down between the mind behind noble and the man behind noble!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator