Monday, April 30, 2012

CapMallsAsia - K Time PROVEN

Over weekend, I saw many bloggers and educators calling STI for 3100. I won't argue with other people's view because that's their analysis and moreover everyone has their own view on the market. If everyone is the same then there will be only buyers and no sellers and vice versa, so I respect that. However to say STI will reach 3100 is very general, the question is when? which then constitutes to the timing element which everyone is concerned. Because I can say STI will reach 3100 in 3 months and what if it did not happen, then what? Or can I say STI will reach 3100 by Thurs. Which one would you choose? The longer timeframe or the shorter, more precise one? You decide. I am not saying STI will reach 3100, I am just protracting the time element.

As I was testing and testing my K Time Strategy, it's nevertheless beautiful, giving me precision execution. Last Friday I shorted CapmallsAsia before closing and this morning when I blogged that supply will soon emerged, it did appear so without hesitation, I took my profit first. Like I said, I am not bothered if CapMallsAsia will tank or goes up later, I am testing precision trading with REAL money to improve myself. I had tested CapMallAsia between 4-5 times and it works 100%. The best thing is I tested in a trading range NOT on a uptrend or downtrend! So imagine the accuracy in a trending market!!

I am done with K Time stress tests and am using this strategy together with my K turn, K Mind and K Wave to trade this volatile market. Tomorrow is Labour Day, so the best is not to hold any position overnight. I received a lot of feedbacks on my K Time and seriously I could write a thesis on it, but I choose to share it with those who are willing to spend their weekends on my seminar if any. Good luck trading guys. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator