Tuesday, April 10, 2012

STI - Rebound

In the morning, I was pretty busy with my work and replying to some smses. Normally I don't have time to reply smses as I am watching regional bourses and doing some work. Today, a friend of mine smsed me and I told him at 8.43am that the market shall rebound. Those who shorted yesterday shall all forced to cover their shorts. It was a really tricky situation because one day the market could go down and the next day its up again. In my honest opinion, the best is to stay sideways as the market is very volatile. Of course to me, I know what are the BBs are trying to achieve, however I am also on my toes watching closely if I have opening positions. It's very easy to get slaughtered for nothing and it's hard to even hold my shorts/long for 1 day now, so to my fellow fans, do not kill yourself unnecessary in this market. All money is hard earned. As for why the market rebounded today, interested parties can email me.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator