Friday, April 13, 2012

Keppel Corp - Before The Brazil Rig Deal

Kepcorp gapped up today, however that was no surprise. It's something that can be predicted. I received a call from a friend who wanted to long Kepcorp before 18.10pm on April 10th but was afraid it might tank later. Another friend of mine who shorted Kepcorp was making money the next day as Kepcorp came down a little on April 11th. However I told him his shorts won't last long because the BBs are buying heavily and so he covered his shorts and made some money. Yesterday Kepcorp was showing even more strong buying from the BBs and today the Brazil Rig Deal was announced which lead to a gap up. If you had been following my blog everyday, you will know that on April 10th, I call for a rebound, so why short when the overall market is rebounding? Anyways, I did not buy Kepcorp as I am going through some tough road in trading now which I have to overcome. All in all, it was a super good move to buy Kepcorp! Congrats eng.

I will share this easy to read maneuver by the BBs in Kepcorp in my next seminar if any. I need to see the interest level for my next seminar. So if you are interested, just say "Hi Ron, I am interested to attend your seminar." If the interest level is high, I might arrange one, else then I shall just continue blogging here.

Please note: By sending your interest level to me doesn't mean it guarantee you a seat. I am just doing a survey first to capture the interest level.

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