Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Biosensor - The New High

The other day I was blogging about the BBs unloading in Biosensor, however I also gave precaution that it doesn't mean Biosensor won't have a new high. Yesterday I saw some buying in Biosensor and today we witness a new high! When Dow dropped 213 points yesterday, Biosensor did not react a lot and that was the clue that this counter was strong! Biosensor is currently trading at 1.62/1.625.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, every rebound is a short to me, so if one would have acted to short yesterday, today he/she shall be in money.

Also those who emailed me yesterday on why STI rebounded yesterday, I even mentioned that it was to facilitate distribution, so yes, if you shorted on my conviction, you shall be rewarded. Today is tricky, I am not shorting.

Recently I breached a lot of my trading rules which caused me a huge load of money. I am very upset with myself and can only blame myself. This experience taught me something and that is to trust yourself, be a cynic, and never let anyone affect your judgement. The best is when trading, do not answer phone calls or smses, trade in a quiet environment so that no one can affect your inner thoughts, because that's to me is the most real! Tips, suggestions, opinions, etc..put all those aside, if you lose based on your call you learned something valuable, however if you lose based on someone else's calls, opinion, tips, etc..then you got to blame it on yourself and no one else. In trading it's not the one with the most experience or skillful wins, it's the one who thinks he can shall win. 

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator