Wednesday, April 25, 2012

K Time - A Poor Man's Strategy

Many times, I had been asked what do I use to time my entry to the precision. I told them it's the timing element. It has nothing got to do with price or volume or any turns. It is just pure timing with the K Mind. I am often being called up by big boys and they told me they bought this and that, watch for this stock as the company is going to be awarded on a big contract or this stock got potential you better watch as it is soaring. I can tell you that I listened to none of those. The last time when I listened it cost me huge bucks.

Now, everyone has a different strategy when punting the market. The big boys are cash rich, so when they buy and if it dips, they can average further down. What most people want or are looking for is, when they buy/sell, the next moment or 1-2 days later, the stocks either went up or crashed. This has always been the theme of my blog. I had spotted many crashes and rallies with precision if you have the time to go through the entire blog. I am not being boastful but I am proud of my K Time. Without the timing element, I am as good as the public where I buy and it doesn't move and I cut loss.

The K Time is not a difficult strategy to use but one must understand how the BBs actually operate the market before applying the method. Because I had lost a lot of money in the past and I understand that I need to start from scratch again, I need to develop a strategy and trading plan where my profit is at least 10-30 pips but my losses is < 3 pips. I had managed to accomplish that and so I named my K Time as the Poor Man's Strategy. The risk is very minimal but the reward is huge. It is suitable for people like you and me because we are not cash rich and we don't plan to buy and hold or average down.

I am not selling my K Time Strategy but in my next seminar if any, I am planning to talk about it. It will definitely be a blowout because till date, most educators or traders are using vol, price, indicators, etc, those are great but they lack of timing. For Singapore shares we all know that there is contra period, so if you get the price right but timing wrong, you either own the shares if it doesn't move in the next few days or cut loss. Ya'll should know that the moment you get the timing wrong, you can keep cutting losses like the JEL Corp example, however if you get it right, you shall avoid unnecessary reactions and achieve victory.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator