Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Speculation - A Difficult Art

I received an email with regards to one of my follower who shorted JEL Corp. When I read the email, something in the past came into my mind. Many years back when I lost money, I was also following someone else's call and during that time all I was concerned was just making money and not wanting to lose. Just because everyone thought he was accurate so I just followed blindly. In the end, I lost more than my capital and was on debt that took me years to repay.

Moral of story, in speculation or trading, every single cent counts as the money is belongs to you, you must trade this market with your own call and not someone's else. If you lose money because of someone else's call you will never learn as you are just following the crowd. But if you lose money yourself, you will learn more about yourself and gain enlightenment during the process. Every lesson comes with a hefty price and only when you pay more money to the market to teach you lessons will then you become wiser and more experience. When it's all set and done, you will realize that money, winning and losing are not important, those are just feelings and monetary gains. To me at least, it's the journey towards enlightenment and stretching one's limit towards gaining ultimate wisdom counts.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator