Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Albedo - Contra 1 Pip with $3500

At the peak of my career, this is the amount of crowd I got. I apologize but the response was simply too overwhelming. While I made a mistake on my Ley Choon post yesterday, does it matter? The response I got from the crowd was no, everybody make mistakes. Most important is winning rather than focusing on mistakes. So today, I am confident that I won't repeat a typo mistake again. A client of mine just made $3500 in Albedo today within 1 day of Contra!!! The guts and confidence to go into Albedo is something I got to respect and admire. He's a normal salary employee just like everyone else!

Although it's 1 pip but that's what the market gave as there were no 2 pips or 3 pips for yesterday and today. Congratulations Mr V. Everyone here today in this seminar witnessed REAL trading account when he logon and display his ultra amazing trade. More to come very soon. Thank you all for making this happen. It's hard to imagine at 2pm, you guys really took leave and just came for my seminar. I am blessed and deeply appreciated!

If you are interested in a stock operation preview to learn more, you can register as per below. Seats are based on first come first serve.

Preview Date: 29th April 2014,Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm

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