Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rowsley - Lost Commission on 400 Lots

Went long on 400 lots of Rowsley on April 10th and today I was finally out at the same price I bought at 0.29. If I need to sum up my actions, I commit a mistake of chasing and paid the price of suffering reactions. Today Rowsley gap up, I don't know what's the news etc, but all I knew was from psychological point of view, it's time to either take a small profits or cut loss and run first. I sold my shares at 9:17am, 17 minutes after the market started and now it's down to 0.285/0.29. There were simply too much excitement and cheers which I don't favor and I am not going to risk and gamble that the stock would trend higher and so I decided to sell first so that I only lose commission.

I still remember CNA when it was 0.255 to 0.275 last year, it was the same, everyone bought on excitement and today the price was 0.069/0.07. Luckily at that time I gave a buy and sell call to book $$, all my students were delighted. No one suffers that day. Will this repeat in Rowsley? You decide.


Apparently, my student was better than me! Got in at 0.28 and sold at the peak at 0.29!! Congrats!!

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