Thursday, April 17, 2014

CapMallsAsia - A Whopping $23,000 within Contra

Yet another amazing trade by another student by just getting the job done!! Just when the previous student made a whopping $48,000 on Cacola, this very next student made $23,000 within Contra on CapMallsAsia. I am absolutely honored and proud to be their mentor for such amazing trades. I hope my stories would inspired them to reach further heights and surpass me one day. I want to mentor all of my students and so next week I shall have a rock ass event to kick start their trading juices!!

So we all know the obvious news that was announced in the mainstream media, CapitaLand plans to take CapitaMalls Asia private through S$2.22 a share offer. However to spot this piece of unobvious news before it actually happen is an art. This student of mine went long last week just before the trading halt and in his wildest dream, yesterday he just secured $23,000 when CMA gap up on Tuesday. Look at Capitaland, it now $3.18 since I made my call on March 20th!! There is absolutely no way you can buy the stock if you missed that very first bottom in Capitaland! 

If you want to learn trading and speculation from me, from all the bottom fishing to selling at the peak, kindly contact me at because it's almost sold out and I don't have much seats left. The next course shall be in July but from now till July, you are going to miss out a lot of opportunity and action with me! You can register for the stock operation preview to learn more.


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