Thursday, April 10, 2014

LIVE Dissection and LIVE Trading with Ronald K - Artivision, Charisma Energy

Had a very last minute LIVE Dissection and LIVE Trading today and thanks to those who came and listen today. I apologized the last minute thing but today market is very exciting and I have to share and speak something today. I can't control when the market is exciting or boring but today is definitely the day for sharing it LIVE because there are big movements like Albedo and Artivision that were not to be missed.

On March 31st, I remembered blogging on a fake breakout and supply present in Ramba at 10.38am minutes before the stock went trading halt.

April 3rd, the stock released the trading halt and gap down which I warned of cautiousness in this counter.

Today, April 10, 7 days later, the stock just experienced a panic selldown!! Now, there were definitely hidden selling with fake breakouts and supply or the stock wouldn't crash today!! Tell me I am wrong. :)

After the sharing session, some stayed back in the late afternoon just to chat and have LIVE Trading with me more and I shared with them how to predict the high for Artivision at 0.068 today. The rest were history because Artivision reached a high of 0.068 and then suffered reaction to 0.063!! For those who are interested in LIVE Trading with me, kindly add me in Facebook as a friend and follow me on twitter. I will post the next details there! Don't say I didn't inform.

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