Monday, April 14, 2014

Cacola - A Whopping $48,000 Made During Contra

If I tell you I found the Holy Grail in Contra trading, you may not believe me. But to tell you the truth, yes I found it and it's simple and not difficult as you can see my previous posts with trade records below. These were just a snippet and I did not update after that.

Today, about 5:15pm, I received an SMS from a student. Oh my god, read for yourself $48000 in 2 days? I am stunned! After my course and after my 1 on 1 coaching and this is the absolute amazing result! The things I taught him were all put into use but more importantly, the guts, confidence and conviction in getting the job done is something not everything can do it! Don't tell me what trading method or secrets or whatever technicals you use, tell me the results. I am more focused and interested in results than methods. He said I am a good teacher which I think I am ok only. The most important thing is the pursuing of his goals towards financial freedom is getting nearer each day. With his continuous effort and determination, very soon, he will reach where I reached. He was the same student who made $10k last week!

See the amazing whacking of 2600 lots in total last Friday and the unloading action today right at the super peak for an astounding $48000!!!!!! This is something you won't find and see everyday. It's simply just too amazing to witness it LIVE. I will speak more about this trade during tomorrow's preview and please don't miss it if you register. You can choose not to believe me, you can dislike, gossip and comment about me, but you can't deny the proven track and trade records with real trades done. Guts with 2600 lots is something your school teacher don't teach you, it comes with winning, experience, confidence and conviction to train guts! Tomorrow will be a very special day for those who sign up for the stock operation course.

I am having am market outlook seminar very soon and it's based on first come first serve only by invitation. The dates will not be posted here and you will have to email me on the to express your interest and I will give you the dates and location in the form of an email. My market outlook shall be different from the usual mass of just talks, I will show you activity with actions instead of talking technicals and fundamentals. Finally, on that day, I will show you something that has never been done before. See to believe it!

The seminar is FREE of Charge. Follow the below instructions to be invited.

Venue: I will instruct you in the form of email

Contact Ronald K at with the following details.

Subject: Attending Ronald K "Market Outlook 2014 Stock Opportunity"

Contents: Name, e-mail address and mobile number.

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