Friday, May 1, 2015

Game Plan For Next Week - May 4th 2015

Coming next Monday, I will conduct my usual Stock Operation Workshop. This time round, not only I planned it on Monday because there is ample time to hop on to good trades for the week, but more importantly, I shall share the game plan, the best stocks to trade and the best timing for entry. For this week, we had been banking the market and made $ almost everyday and so next week shall be the same. See the below link for our profits.

For those who are hungry for success, hungry for knowledge, hungry to make $$ and dedicated to learn a lifelong skill, I will show what it takes to reach the pinnacle and get the job done with consistent profits. Don't miss this opportunity to hop on my bandwagon on the next hot stock for next week. Since I am conducting the workshop on Monday which is the start of the week, you will still have chance to get in the stock before it moves!! You don't want to miss this one superb opportunity. Interested parties can register:

Workshop Date: 4th May 2015,Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Venue: I will instruct you in the form of email

Contact Ronald K at with the following details.

Subject: Attending Ronald K "The Stock Operation Workshop"
Contents: Name, e-mail address and mobile number.

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