Monday, November 23, 2015

Alliance Mineral - The Bullish Ran Up

Today, my SOMM members received a Alliance Mineral bullish SMS. The stock early in the morning was immediately in the Top Volume which caught my attention. In my SOMM Manual, there was one chapter where I illustrated how illiquid stock would one day become vibrant with fireworks. The unfortunate thing is I don't sell my SOMM Manual to everyone. Even if one got it but doesn't come for my SOMM Sharing session, it's also useless because it's the constant learning and hungry for knowledge that will drive one to success. The stock was 0.077 was the call was given and 0.079 was where the weaker selling was formed. The rest was history with the stock hit a high of 0.096. Congrats to those SOMM members who took action. Thank you.

In my next SOMM sharing session, I will share why we can't load the stock when it was @ 0.066 to 0.074. There is a reason for everything I do and please do come as I want all of your skills to be up another level.

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