Thursday, November 26, 2015

Alliance Mineral - $3840 Intraday Profits

Just logged on and checked the profits I made yesterday for Alliance Mineral. With just 500 lots, I made $3840 intraday which is not bad for half a day work considered I longed @ 11.35am and sold at 2.43pm. With just that few hours, the Big Boys in Alliance Mineral pushed the prices up in fast and furious speed where the stock climb nearly to the Top 2 in Volume which created a lot of buying frenzy. In fact, that's the point where I looked for intraday hidden selling to liquidate my shares for some fast intraday profits first. My Saturday is almost full house, left a few more seats, so for those who are interested, do register asap to come learn from me on how to make intraday profits with hidden buying/selling.

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