Friday, December 2, 2016

Global Logistic - A Strategic Review, Huge Gap Up

On a Sunday evening, I posted a bullish outlook on GLP citing that a major positive news is coming out. I said: " With positive news in the background, I believe the stock is set for a rise. However in the short term wise, it might be still forming a small trading range before the breakout happens. I am watching this counter closely for that hidden buying or a flush to happen first. I strongly believe a major news is impending." Click below link to read.

I also went on to long 50 lots at 2.06, preparing to swing and ride on the wave since the chart was effectively an decisively bullish.

Today, I think the news was almost out. The stock gap up and currently am in the profits $ with that 50 lots. If you want to know what news is it, click on the below link to read which I am also not sure what is it all about. But all I know is as a trader, if you want to make $, you have to read the chart carefully and anticipate the news BEFORE it's out. That's why there is a traditional adage, buy on rumours and sell on news.

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