Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trading with Cityindex - Hello 2017

2016 is ending in a few hours time and 2017 is approaching soon. I am so looking forward to next Tuesday's market because while most are in a weekend, festive and relax mood, I am doing my usual homework/analysis and preparing for my trades for next week. Scanned through some important stocks and prepared to trade some blue chips. Cityindex has been the platform I use for short term trading/scalping and I am pleased with their service and pricing all these years. With the Dow igniting some sellers last evening, Monday will be a good day for some hard core trading action.

In the short term, I am planning to turn my $85,000++ into $100,000 starting next Tuesday. I simply can't wait for the market to open as I am planning to swing bigger trades for better profits. For those who are coming for my workshop, I will show you how to use CFD to your advantage and perform stocks selection. See you all soon. :)

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