Thursday, December 8, 2016

Parkson Retail - Intraday 1000 lots, Sold 0.137 Day High

Saw Parkson retail yesterday last minute after it ran up and told myself that today I will watch this counter diligently so that I have a chance to enter. Started to accumulate the stocks since morning till noon and got in 1000 lots at average price of 0.1315. I also posted what I saw in Parkson in my private forum so that for those students who learnt from me, they know how to see collections, flushes, etc themselves. From the way how the BBs collect the scripts to slowly absorbing more shares, it was all detailed in the chart.

Parkson then flew to a high of 0.137 where I unloaded 500 lots there and another 500 at a lower price. Overall it's a good intraday trade of $4000+ where simple observation makes $. It's currently trading at 0.133/0.134 now after I unloaded!! Looking forward for the next stock. Join me next Tuesday to learn more about stocks.

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