Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wilmar - Sustained Buyers from Yesterday

The buyers for Wilmar continued their buying wave today with a sustained rebound from yesterday's buying. Today is a Wednesday and Monday was a holiday where I first made my
prediction that Wilmar is going to rebound and true enough, the buyers flocked in. Click the link below to see my initial prediction on Monday.

Studying the market depth at closing, the closing was indeed strong. For the whole day, Wilmar did not meet any sellers and buyers continued to support the stock. As I blogged lesser which is one of my goals starting next year, whatever I post on my blog is of quality material. I will post my Wilmar trade record when I am done with this long trade. I will display another stock for trading in my workshop next Thursday. If you are interested in short term trading and make $ together, do register below.

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