Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sembcorp Ind - Broke Out with High Volume

On Nov 21st last month, I gave out a bullish SOMM Whatsapp alert on Sembcorp Ind as the stock was on some hidden buying.

During that time, the stock was ready and started to show signs of galloping and hence it's wise to grab the opportunity. For the next few days, the stock indeed rose but suddenly, it jammed and was met with sellers and so some might have locked in short term profits.

Yesterday was the most scariest day because there was a flush to a low of 2.68, almost at our entry point which looked like a break down but then was quickly recovered today with a superb OPEC news with gave the stock a U turn reversal. The stock today broke out higher with huge volume and reached a high of 2.92. Like Keppel Corp, both are strong and only look to long on reactions with lesser selling. I am gunning this stock for trading. Watch it.

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