Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Maneuvers Method Sharing Today - Enforcing and ReEnforcing

It was a long day sharing and teaching on some of the most important maneuvers to about 60 people today. In this session, I enforced and re-enforced on some very important concepts to grasp and also sharing with everyone on some important charts/stocks to watch out for. Towards the end of day, I received a Whatsapp that one of them quit their job and found a job in the trading industry. From an engineer to a trader is totally 2 different industry but because his skill is there, finding a job shouldn't be too tough. I am so happy for him.

I hope all of you learnt something and continue to hone your skills. Work harder in reading charts but never give up. There will always be losses in trading but never let those losses set you back. The more important thing to remember is when you see a clear obvious signal that the stock is going to turn, be brave and always swing for a longer ride. See you all next week! Will be doing a sharing session for my last workshop next week. Don't miss it!

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