Thursday, June 1, 2017

BlackGoldNatural - 1 Lot Markers

BlackGoldNatural is moving on it's way up and there were a lot of 1 lot marking as we discussed in our Special Ops group chat earlier. In fact, BlackGoldNatural was one of the stocks I highlighted LIVE in my blog on Tuesday for all to watch out for! As for the perfect timing of entry, you would have to watch the markings and hidden buying.

I was really happy that in the Special Ops group chat, my traders are able to observed what I taught them about 1 lot marking and use it at their own advantage. At 11.27am, my trader asked me about BlackGoldNatural if something is brewing and it only took me 1 min to read the movements and my answer was yes. The next thing I knew, at 2.17pm, the stock flew and the rest was history. Although she did not make a lot of $, it was definitely a good start on her skills wise. Congrats and good job!

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