Saturday, June 24, 2017

Private Sharing with Ronald K - The Week Ahead

Conducted a private sharing last evening in the office. It's back to back for me yesterday as morning was live market watching and in the evening was some sharing of my powerful 1 lot marker and other strategies.

I enjoyed the sharing last evening as I reiterated the concept of buying/selling and also showed everyone how swing trade can be very beneficial and profitable if you select the right counters for trading just like how my student did it in Jumbo and IFast. I am equally pleased to received a Facebook message from my student who likes trading US stocks like MARA as attached above where he made like $3337 in one night. Although he seldom come for my student sharing, still he practiced what I taught him in my course, threw away his previous knowledge on Technical Analysis and start using the syndicate skills to trade and make $ in the US market. I usually trade in the Singapore market but I know my strategies can work in all markets like Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, etc..Congrats!

During the session, I also shared, scanned and showed some good stocks for trading in the coming week where I am so looking forward when $ can be made. Today will be another day of teaching course for me as I am working over the weekend to share with another group of traders on strategies and stocks rotation. I am passionate about my job but I am more passionate in coaching successful students. See you all soon.

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