Thursday, June 22, 2017

Top 30 Volume - So Vibrant

Received a message today from my student. He's really getting the hang of trading and make some super good returns almost everyday if not every week. He don't trade as big as me but it's ok. As long as he can spot the stock and his hit rate is high, soon, he will catch up with me. I am really happy for his success and he's on the way to become a very independent trader. No time to blog today as the market is so vibrant with so many important and wonderful stocks to trade. Attached are the golden snapshots for my next trade. Cosco also hit a high of 0.325 with other counters in play. I will not blog today except for this post as let me make some $$ first. I need to be focus on the screen now. See you all during my talk next week. :)

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