Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Private Sharing Session by Ronald K - What's Ahead for 2018 and Beyond?

The year is ending soon and while many traders are on holiday breaks with the lackluster in market activities, I held my private event to share my last few stocks and outlooks for the year and for the new year 2018. Last evening was an enjoyable experienced as I got to share my losses and how I made my losses that gave me a valuable experience to move forward. I also flipped through many property stocks and none of them were looking good like Capitaland, Yingli, Yanlord etc.

While we are entering a phase on unknown territory and adverse market conditions, we need to embrace tough times ahead and protect our jobs. When the market finally gives us a clearer signal for actions, we need to seize the opportunity and take a good position to go with it. To fight the battle, we need a sword and armour and while the bulls are mostly dead, we need CFDs to help us do shorting and hedging so as to avoid unnecessary casualties. My last event for the year is Dec 12th next Tuesday. See you all there!

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