Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Skills and Knowledge Imparting Session - A Long Full Day

Got up really early today and prepared for work. Conducted a full day workshop on imparting skills and knowledge to a group of passionate traders/investors. There were some fine tuning points that I shared which required copy down of notes and there were some which required observation and practice to perfect and sharpen the skill but nevertheless I enjoyed today's session as I reiterated many new skills like the triggering the buy/sell order and learning how to trade indices.

It's a long day and I bought lunch for everyone so as to make it more fulfilling and enriching. The market is currently volatile and not all stocks are moving in the same direction. Stocks like Hi-P and Samurai had finished their growth and it's time to search and scout for new stocks. It's a learning session where I taught how to lock in profits at the high and avoid blue chips for investment. Overall, the process of buying a stock was simply broken down into a few important points before going long. I hope all of you learnt something powerful today and see you all soon again!

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