Thursday, December 28, 2017

Rowsley - 8 Million Shares Traded, 1 Lot Marker

Rowsley earlier in the morning exhibits some very important 1 lot marker at 9:11am where the stock was so strong with so much buyers looking to go long. However, over the years of trading with my vast knowledge and experience, I preferred to be patient and wait for a while before taking a long position and hence I went long 6.5 million shares at 0.128  at 9:17 and then followed by another 1.5 million shares at 0.129 later when I saw that the stock showed more signs of bullish behavior.

In the afternoon about 2pm plus, the stock started to experienced more big buyers with bigger volumes with huge amount of buying activities going on. The minute chart reflected the amount of buyers and in the Top Volume, the stock rose with big eating action. I had captured the time and sales as it reflected the amount of buyers and markers that can be used for future studies. I am glad that in the month of December, I traded many stocks with big lots like Oxley, Rowsley, Falcon, Blackgold, Midas, Y Venture, Cosco and most of them turned out well. Looking forward to 2018!. Happy New Year.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist