Friday, March 9, 2018

Creative - $20,000 Profits This Week

So happy to be receiving this trading record and result from my consistent student Mr Ong as he joined my hotel event and mirror consistently. I remembered we were watching Creative this week when I conducted my event in the hotel and ask everyone who longed creative to lock in profits. Not only him, there was another lady who longed previously and also went to lock in profits.

The stock after that day started to suffer sell down and soon bad news started to surface where the co Founder started selling his shares and then all of a sudden, it went into Phillips trading restriction list.

I won't trade this counter anymore as it's risky for now. Here, I want to congrats all who longed on my first call for Creative as posted at 9:29am last Friday March 2nd before it ran. (See below link) Good $20,000 for 2 days Contra trade with small lots. Really happy for them. Will build more winning students.

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