Thursday, May 29, 2014

Federal Int - $$ Making Club

Once again it's proven, we got the job done in the SMMG Club!! I call this the $$ making club because I got to pick stocks that always appear in top volume with price rising to the Top 3 in the Top Volume! Today is Federal and yes, some students got in yesterday while some got in today. I gave a call on Federal and instantly, the stock went on a steroid and became the Top number 2 in Top Volume where it hit a high of 0.039 from 0.036!!! Simply Amazing!

As usual, we got the job done by execution and again students made $$ instantly.

In fact, I gave the call to a client who signed up for my 1 on 1 coaching at 8:59am so that he could made some $$ before the actual coaching. Perfect, he got in yesterday at 0.034 with 500 lots and yes, he got the job done and in thousands of $$ now. When you think my 1 on 1 is expensive, the results you get is fulfilling and so far, 100% customer satisfaction!

Finally, I got people who track and monitor me a while before signing up for my course, but well, I keep getting the job done and delivered. He said I am the real deal, I will show him results because it speaks volume of my speculation skills. There will always be skeptics and haters, but who cares, I continue to make $$ and that's my job. I can't please everyone but more importantly $$ in my pocket and I enjoy life while talks don't hurt my pocket.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator